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On Listening #1: Thinking (through) the ear

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Books on Listeningphoto: MACBA

Curated by Arnau Horta is ON LISTENING, a new program by the radio of Barcelona’s Museum of Contemporary Art, MACBA. The first part of the series, Thinking (through) the ear, is a fascinating exploration of listening and sonic philosophy in the words of key contemporary thinkers, going around different issues which include phenomenological questions around listening, ideas on sound ontology and the possibilities of the sonic in terms of thinking, interpreting and perceiving.

It can be streamed online or downloaded at MACBA Radio. A supplementary PDF with info on the authors, bibliography and other resources, is also available for download.

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›Soundwalkers‹ by Raquel Castro

Soundwalkers Snapshot 1

We still don’t know what sound looks like. But here’s how soundwalkers look like (and sound like): Sound researcher Raquel Castro shot this eclectic documentary about her fellow researchers, about their experiences with sound in everyday life and what still incites them to listen.  Continue reading “›Soundwalkers‹ by Raquel Castro”