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Create a soundmap based on your own field recordings!


Contribute to a global archive of field recordings and create your own sound map projects at the same time with aporee ::: maps !

Header of radio aporee ::: mapsRadio aporee ::: maps is an open, collaborative field recording project started by media artist Udo Noll in 2006. So far, there are 14561 recordings online, accessible via a global map. Most of the recordings stem from Europe or the U.S. – but there is an increasing number of recordings from Africa, Asia, and Latin America as well.

Global soundmap from radio aporee ::: maps

The project is specifically dedicated to ambient field recordings from actual locations in the world, so – according to the project info – there is no music, no ›heavy editing, mixing, composing or sound manipulations‹ in the archive. If you visit the map, it will jump to the most recent recording. Then you can zoom out to find other places, or simply ›search‹ and specify a location.

Uploading your own sounds is easy. Zoom in to the site where you recorded your sound, then click on the map and select ›add a new location‹ (however, it is recommended to read the instructions before). Besides adding some details about recording date and time you will be able to select your preferred Creative Commons License. Immediately afterwards, you will receive an e-mail message containing the links to ›activate‹ (publish) and edit your recordings, if needed.

Screenshot from radio aporee ::: mapsThere are numerous possibilities to access and replay the archive’s recordings. One way is to create your own ›projects‹, accessible under a dedicated URL. For example, I created such a project for some of my own field recordings from Croatia, Czech Republic, Germany, Poland, and Portugal: See and select ›play all‹ in the lower right corner to watch and listen! Enjoy, and contribute!


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