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Wake vortex after airplane flyover

Here is an excerpt from a field recording that I took at Berlin Tegel Airport in June 2011, standing next to the Western airport fence where the airplanes fly over landing (if there is easterly wind).

The sound of the airplane is quite intense. However, the crucial part of this recording starts at 50 seconds: closely following the direct noise of the airplane you can hear the subtle sound of the wake vortex (or: wing tip vortex, which is a trail of turbulent air behind an airplane).

The wake vortex creates a flimsy swish and rustle. Coming out of nowhere it pervades the whole area, being difficult to locate. However, its sound is not always so articulate and continuous as it was this time. It lasts from 0’50 to the end of the recording.

Date: 2011-06-05; Time: 7:32pm; Location: Berlin; Length: 01’25

If you want to learn more about the wake vortex, see the related wake turbulence article at Wikipedia.


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