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Ethnographic audio documentary of Berlin, Ackerstraße

From 2006 to 2008 I participated in Sensing the Street, an interdisciplinary research project about three streets in Berlin resulting in three exhibitions. See (in German).

Listen to an excerpt from an ethnographic audio documentary about the Ackerstraße in Berlin.

Here is a transcript of the German voiceover:
1) ›A street, crossing the land, connected to others and thus embedded in a whole network of them.‹
2) ›Inside every room of every house of the street, each of them full of audible details, usually concealed behind closed doors: if it would be possible to listen to these everyday choreographies, what could you hear?‹

This documentary composition is based on field recordings in Berlin Ackerstraße between 2006-2007. Listen to these recordings on a sound map !

Schlüter, Fritz (2007): Stadtland. Ackerstraße. AUDIO-CD (19’22”). Originally published in: Arteaga, Alex; Knapp, Wolfgang; Lindner, Rolf (Hg.): (Sensing the Street)³. Sinnliche Dokumentation einer ethnographisch-künstlerischen Stadtforschung. Berlin: Verlag der Universität der Künste Berlin. ISBN 978-3-89462-162-9. Limited edition: 150 copies

Review (in German) at


Cultural anthropologist studying the sonic environment

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