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Traffic noise, Berlin – time stretch manipulated –

Two field recordings of traffic sound from Ackerstraße/Bernauer Straße and from Ackerstraße/Torstraße, Berlin.

Cars motion blur 900Photograph by Kaylie Wibberley

Both recordings are radically changed in duration and in tone pitch. First, traffic sounds are replayed in quick-motion. After 30 seconds, it starts to fade over to traffic sounds in slow-motion.

These modifications are meant to highlight some rythmical patterns in the ›behaviour‹ of drones across the city, on a macroscopic as well as on a microscopic level.

Date: 2006; Time: -; Location: Berlin; Length: 1’38

At the end you can hear the sound of a German ambulance siren replayed very slowly (at the very end you will hear a short bit in normal pitch).

This post is related to Mapping the Drone.

This piece is one of the results from Sensing the Street, an ethnographic-artistic urban research and exhibition Project held at Institut für Europäische Ethnologie, Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin 2006-2009 under the direction of Prof. Rolf Lindner. Online-documentation of the project:


Cultural anthropologist studying the sonic environment

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